Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Food, the Safest Topic Compared to Politics....

For the first time, hubby bought fish paste from the market. Mi mama doesn't need to slave through to make fish paste anymore. It's only RM10 per kilo. Over here, I'm using 120g only. The dish above is just like otak-otak but instead of using white fish, I used salmon. Thank God I have a little bit of brain power, the recipe required me to mix the salmon meat together with the paste. I was looking at my raw salmon tail, wondering how to remove them raw. Then, I remembered all these while I pan fry the fish half-cooked before removing them. Aahhhh.... save by past experience.
I've reminded myself multiple times to remember to bring back the tool to make watermelon flesh into a perfect small round shape. The moment I reached my town house, I totally don't remember to look for the tool at all. Then, when I was holding the long radish in my hand, I wonder what can I use to make them round. Ice-cream scoop? That would be an avalanche of a ball. I found nothing that can make them round then I saw my rabbit-head cookie cutter. Okay, just be creative. I cut them into slices then started cutting the rabbit-head out from the radish slices. That went very well with steamed scallops. I'm one very stingy person so I bought China scallops which cost RM16 for a hundred grams. The Japanese dried scallops cost RM46 for a 100 grams. Can I dry my own scallops? Sunlight outside the house is free. Fresh scallops are way cheaper. Okay, I'll consider drying my own scallops~!!!! China dried scallops are almost tasteless.
Braised pork belly. I really love braised dishes especially braised with rock sugar. Mix with my expensive brewed soy sauce from Guangzhou, it makes the day a perfect one. I think I cook too little today. So, I'm waiting for tea break later. Waiting for hubby to be home with my mung bean flour. Waiting for my class to start. Waiting for this and that... 

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