Friday, 6 February 2015

Chicken Soup for Supper....

Yesterday, mi mama spoiled my cooking plan. Mi mama said we're going to dine outside so we ended up at Nippon Yataimura, my current favourite haunt for Japanese food. We didn't order anything outside of the menu. The place was quite packed and the chef must be stuck in the kitchen. I made a silent vow to go to the red raccoon once a month but since hubby wasn't with us, I will consider yesterday's visit not a visit for the month.... hehehehe.... *cheater's way of calculating*
Mi mama cooked for yesterday because after our rendezvous to Queensbay, I was going to be late for my class. The recipe was followed almost to the dot. Mi mama kept some for me for supper. The chicken soup was really good. I have made a few different types of chicken soup and this was the best ever~! Of course the soup looks oily, chicken oil ma.... and no, I didn't remove the chicken skin. You remove my chicken skin, I will remove your skin... Hehehe... *tit for tat*

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