Monday, 2 February 2015

The Day I Almost Burn My House Down...

I was thinking of having something simple. But only hubby knows how to make the soft-boiled eggs like how I wanted them to be. Due to the Thaipusam festival, traffic in town would be a stand-still by noon time. I cancelled off my classes to spend my time doing my paperwork at home.But I ended up doing something else. 

After we were done with grocery shopping, I became really tired. I just wanted to crawl up to the bedroom which has the night time feel round the clock, turn on the air-cond and cover myself with my comforter. A great thought, eh.... I was thinking of re-heating the soup from yesterday's leftover then maybe eat with vermicelli. Wishful thinking. I re-heated the pot of soup but suddenly I walked upstairs to go to the loo. I saw my comfortable pyjamas and then I changed into my pyjamas. I don't remember the pot of soup at all. The air-cond was turned on and I crawled straight into bed. I put my alarm to an hour later. Hubby called to say he wouldn't be back so early so I changed my alarm to another 45 minutes later on top of the one hour.

*sigh* While sleeping I heard a loud sound like something dropped or was it an explosion but I couldn't care less. Then, I smell something burning. Gosh.... could it be the weather was too hot until the air-cond was on fire? Couldn't care less... continue sleeping. Suddenly I thought of the tomatoes that I bought earlier. I should throw in the tomatoes into the soup before hubby came back. While sleeping, I could even think of how many pieces I wanted to cut out of the tomatoes. I was thinking whether to use one or two tomatoes. Oh, my brain works brilliantly when I'm asleep. I can think of what kinda story line to write for my essays while sleeping. I'm good like that. And suddenly I jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen. Hohohohoho~! The whole house was filled with smoke. If there's smoke alarm in the house, the fire brigade would have driven straight into the house. I went straight to the stove and turn it of. I don't know what else to do so I called the hubby and crawled back to sleep.

Hubby came back then and I got what I wanted to eat. I got my soft-boiled eggs with bread. And I got to eat hubby's fried vermicelli. The whole house smell like I just had barbecue in the house for hours without proper ventilation.

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