Sunday, 1 February 2015

Observing Sabbath: Breakfast by My Precious...

It was just a thought. Then that thought turned into words. Those words became a request. Out of love, it was done. My precious woke up at 7:30a.m. to make breakfast for us before we went to church. It was really early for her because usually I would wake her up 10 minutes before leaving the house, she would change up and then continued with her beauty sleep in the car. The first thing she made was banana pancakes. I have no skills for pancakes. Mi mama can make pancakes but my precious' pancakes were the best. I love banana pancakes... eh, no need to study liao la... go sell banana pancakes.
Then, she made Tamagoyaki, it's a Japanese egg roll. She forced made me to cut the carrots into cubes for her. It's good.... perfect~!
One more was prepared. The Bombay toast. Really good... we had a hearty breakfast with hubby's ice-cream. Now, I'm waiting for dinner to be prepared... while waiting mi mama and I going for a walk outside the house. Hehehehhe....

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