Saturday, 28 February 2015

Lunch & Dinner at Yen's Kitchen...

This was on Monday, the 5th day of Chinese New Year. The previous night I just tagged along with hubby to his reunion dinner and I had a load of fun taking photos. It was surely a joyful time to serve others. I just remembered swinging myself to the market and then lo' and behold, I was in the kitchen almost the whole day. Annie in da' house~! My best friend forever~! Then, hubby's friends from yester-years came as well. What's on the table?
Mi mama made two containers of omelette in order to get rid of the egg white left in a barrel. It was really thick and good.
That's bacon roll. In the morning when I started rolling this, I was thinking to myself why the heck I pick this tedious roll. The fish paste was so watery I thought it would never solidify into a proper roll. Then, after I started rolling the bacon and putting them aside before frying them, it became a solid bacon roll. Thus, I was really happy with myself. I'm a bit sorry for myself that the photo was a blur and I only had one piece of that photo. Argh~!
This was even more tedious. It's not even meat balls. They're tofu balls. Thank God we have lots of kitchen appliances and what-nots. Hubby has bought a packet of netting that can be used to squeeze out the water from the tofu then they were all deep-fried. If hubby wasn't around, maybe I would have pan fry them in a flatten style instead of making them into those shape.
Ohhhh....ooohhhh... this is so my kind of dish... with scallop and the fake abalone made of squid, braised peanuts and mushroom. When all were done and on the table, I began to panic. WHY NO MEAT????? No pork???? No chicken??? I went straight to slaughter the chickens...
The chicken did not grow fast enough. I didn't have much to offer but in the end, it was all enough. I always forget that everyone else was such a small eater. We were the biggest eaters. I eat more than the hubby. I need to serve a meat or two because I can't survive without them. 
It felt really awesome to see the plates empty. Whenever I go to restaurants that served fantastic food, I will lick the plates clean. The chefs would be elated to see the plates completely empty and sparkling clean. Do you know that it's really interesting to listen to the older person's stories? They have so much to tell, their experiences and everything. After hubby's friends have made a move, we called the neighbour over for tea break. Yeah, I know... we were just done with lunch.
This is mi best amiga, Annie from Sinkapoe... I forget to take the photo of our tea break. It was the best chocolate cheesecake by mi mama. Terrible me only brought it out after the guests have left. We kill that cake until we couldn't move anymore. And after that, horrible me forget to say goodbye to my friend when she left. Oh, why should I say goodbye to her? I can't wait for her next trip back. No need to say goodbye la... hope you're not offended though. You're not my guest, you're more like family. Family members are not that kind to each other... *hehehehe*
After everyone has left, all of us crawled to bed but I only had one hour of snoozing time because we had someone coming over for dinner~! That's Mabel and her hubby... her hubby not in the photo coz lazy me no more strength to take photos. Thank you for dropping by.... hehehhe....
I did some changes to the menu. The lunch groupie has no prawns because mi amiga, Annie, is allergic to prawns. Since she's allergic to prawns, no one else got to eat prawns. But this Mabel and hubby also no eat prawns. So, I ended up having an overdose of prawns. But it's my favourite so overdose also never mind.
I totally forgot about this can of longan in the afternoon so night time we had a great time slurping this sweet thing up. I was thinking maybe we should open up the house during Chinese New Year for next year but after standing in the kitchen for the whole day, I scraped that idea off completely. But I will still host parties once in awhile maybe in the field opposite so it wouldn't be too cramped inside the house. Just a thought.... just a thought....

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