Thursday, 19 February 2015

Yen's Dish Basin...

According to Google, 'poon choy' means Big Bowl Feast, but according to Yen, it's a basin with all the goodies. This is Yen's version of the reunion dinner basin pot. Xuan Xin restaurant was selling at RM199 but we wanted to make our own since cooking is not a big problem to any of us. So, instead of helping me in the kitchen, the hubby went upstairs to snore like a pig. It was actually really easy to prepare but it's best that you prepare each goody separately. The ones needed to be braised, please do so. The vegetables which needed to be blanched, please do so separately. We did some costing and the whole big basin cost roughly about RM87 minus hard labour. 

This is just my time preparing a washbasin with dishes, oh I used my largest claypot instead of my steel washbasin. Mi mama has already thought of something else to put in. You don't have to follow others or the ones that the restaurants are serving, just put in all those expensive stuff and arrange them neatly. I'm thinking of putting in something else already. Oh, abalone doesn't taste like rubber. It tasted like rubber once it has been over cooked. Just braised it for 15 minutes will do.
After making so many pineapple tarts, mi mama has a tub of egg white left. In order to use them up, mi mama found a recipe for this extremely soft cupcakes. Really nice... I have more food for tomorrow's breakfast... hehehehe

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