Sunday, 1 February 2015

Observing Sabbath: Dinner by My Hubby...

So, today I've not done much. Waited to be served for breakfast, worshiped God in the morning, went for corporate prayer for an hour, went out for lunch, then came back to online for awhile looking through photos, went for a walk around the field outside, came back for dinner and now back on the screen. Hubby prepared a sumptuous dinner. That's the clams I bought from Batu Lanchang market. I think next time I'm going to buy and freeze them so I could have some clams or whatever shellfish dish during the weekdays. That's the clam dish steamed with eggs. Hubby did it almost to perfection. Something is terribly wrong with both our egg-steaming skills.
I bought a kilo of clams so the rest was made into kam heong stir-fry clam dish. I saved the best for the last. After I was done with other dishes, I attacked on that. At first I wanted to buy just half a kilo as the seller said it would be enough for three person. But I looked at the amount and I told him I could finish up a kilo all on my own with no problem at all. So, yeah, I got a kilo for self. I like buying from honest seller. He gave me more than a kilo but charged at the price of a kilo. May God bless such honest person in doing business.
Hubby's fried chicken is the best~! He altered the main recipe and made it into his own concoction. The gravy looked like the glue starch that was home-made and brought to school for Art Lessons. I thought I would faint looking at the colour. Was thinking what had hubby done to the main recipe until the whole dish looked so different. But in the end the taste was so good I ate another half of the extra piece of chicken. Both of us shared the extra piece.
All the dishes were dry dishes thus, I ordered a pot of ABC soup from the hubby. Hubby said he can do that easily so there.... there... that's my fantastic ABC soup... I love you hubby~!
Hubby made a dish for himself. That bitter gourd spicy dish will never in a million years appear from my hands. I will never prepare that dish. So bitter... how to eat?

We had really good dinner together. Only on Sundays we get to sit down together to have a meal. On other days, I had lunch all on my own, mi mama had lunch all on her own. Hubby would come back and have very late lunch. Odd hours of working make it difficult to sit down together to have a meal. It's really good that I stop working on Sundays starting this year. I have missed so much. I should have never started working on Sundays in the first place. Should have never even consider working on Saturdays. Maybe should just work five days a week. Or maybe should just sit at home and be a boring housewife, wearing pyjamas all day long doing nothing except cook and eat and cook and eat.

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