Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Sitting On the Table...

 I have a plate of eggplant with sliced muscle meat stir-fried with a mix of green and red chillies waiting for the hubby. Another method in dishing out great platter would be to marinade the meat with seasoning then while cooking, you can totally forget about the seasoning completely. Add some water and all the acquired and required taste would sizzle out in no time at all. That's the best method to cook. That's a statement that requires no experiment. It's no a hypothesis. It's a conclusion after I cooked that way for more than a decade. No, it's not a lazy person's way of cooking. It's a smart way of cooking as the taste would all go directly into the meat.
You've heard of Coca-Cola chicken and Root Beer chicken. This is my Ice Cream Soda chicken mixed with sake. The taste was awesome. That's all I can say. I'm a fan of chicken.
My first time cooking with sour mustard. I bought only one fish which I used up on Monday. I totally forget about today. There's extra white fish in the freezer drawer. So, used them directly as I do not have any extra time in hand to rush to the market. Yesterday when I went to the market, I ran to and fro like I'm going for a marathon. I ended up two minutes late to work. And I drive like F-1 racer every morning. *sigh*

I wanted to bake a nice loaf of bread. But I think I just make a terrible mistake with the bread maker. Looks like I have to wait for hubby to come back and rescue my loaf. Maybe he will turn it into something wonderful :D

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