Wednesday, 18 February 2015

On A Bright Beautiful Day...

Waking up in the morning, peeping through the window and I saw the beautiful sun. I dashed off to grab my camera, pushed the window opened and starting snapping a few photos. Picture perfect~! A bright morning sun on a Monday morning, with a plane which just left the airport and a bird in flight. I grew up listening to the roaring sound of the plane engine landing and taking off. The plane was so huge outside the house but now that I'm staying further a little bit from the airport, that's the tiny view of the plane that I could see.
All of a sudden I was in a rush to prepare lunch so I just simply prepared a very simple meal. I'm such a big eater, I didn't feel anything going into the stomach at all. After having a big plate, I was so hungry but I had to leave the house already. Mi mama got both of us a new toy which we're going to spend our time using it~!!

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