Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Soto Ayam & Begedil...

Finally, I realized that 30g of shallots means 5 shallots only. Yesterday, for my curry kapitan, I used 35 shallots while the otak-otak took up 10 shallots. I thought I would not have enough shallots for today as it was written 30g. Calculating the shallots one-by-one and weighing them in grams made no sense to me. I thought 30g would be at least 20 shallots but in the end it was only 5 like that. Then, I have the rest of the dry ingredients as like what you can see in the photo. Oh, if you're not a kitchen person then you wouldn't know that there are star anise, cloves, cardamom seeds, cinnamon stick, candlenuts, garlic, shallots and coriander seeds. You don't blend them all into powder form. It would be so bitter you would curse yourself for blending them because you thought it would be easier that way. Some of these spices are not meant to be turned into powder form. I only grind the shallots, candlenuts and garlic. The rest were thrown in. Before you throw them all into the soup, you saute them for awhile. Don't be lazy. There's no short cut in cooking.
Soto ayam has ayam but no sotong. I always thought that soto ayam means sotong and ayam. Hehehheeh.... I think this is an Indonesian dish. Don't just throw in the chicken without marinating them. Then use the velvet-ing skill before throwing them all into the soup. Seasoning is of utmost importance. Then, you will get your perfect soto ayam. I used the lobster noodles and that's for lunch. Oh, soto ayam goes very well with the begedil.
That's not chicken burger. That's just like potato croquette but with spices and I added a lot more other seasoning because I only want to eat the tastiest food. Just coat it with a layer of egg and in they went into the wok with boiling oil.
Ta da~! Everything in one bowl... and that took me more than an hour to prepare. I wonder what I will be cooking tomorrow...  Can't remember what I choose for tomorrow.

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