Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Annie in Da' House~!

Annie is here~!
This is mi best friend from schooling days who left me all alone and went off to the Lion City until today. The nicest message to receive from her is that she's coming back to relax and eat. Yen's Kitchen la... can spend time together. We're not mall-walkers and home is the most comfortable place to be in. After hearing about her homecoming, I made a list of what to serve her. Mi hubby's extremely delicious crabs. She's allergic to prawns so no-no to any of my delicious prawn dishes. Then, she dropped a bomb saying no to crabs and staying away from squid. Gone is my plan....
Brinjal with minced meat and dried shrimps~!
This is aubergine with minced meat stir-fried with dried shrimps. The aroma filled up the whole house reminds me so much why I do not need a cooker hood. I want my whole house to be filled with the aroma of all the nice food. Don't want cooker hood to suck up the dried shrimp smell.... ohhh...heavenly aroma.
Mushrooms in mushroom sauce...
Need some colours on the table. Japanese tofu, my favourite with mushrooms, carrots and snow peas in mushroom sauce. Should add more water so that it won't be overly creamy. 
My first dried curry...
Annie loves hot and spicy food. My spicy kind of level is her totally no feel at all. Her level of spiciness, I will have my tongue lapping water like a dog. This is dry curry pork ribs with desiccated coconut. Can easily get it from the market, the desiccated coconut I mean. 
Ayam kurma~!
Then, I can't live without chicken. This is ayam kurma and I add some potatoes because potatoes in kurma taste good. I think I cook too much, still can feed another family. Of course, the neighbour is dragged invited over to the house for lunch. 
Mi hubby's punch~!
So much food and yet we could swallow mi mama's tiny cheesecake and had a mug of mi hubby's orange punch!! Everybody loves this~!
Us in my garden~!
Thank you for coming over. Me lurve ya~! See you in two more days~!!! No food repeat, everyone is a guinea pig food tester here, like it or not~!

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