Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Meow Pot: Sukiyaki~!

My meow pot...
Tonight we had a simple dinner. Since it's gonna be a big pot, I have a feeling we wouldn't be able to finish them on our own so, I invited someone whom I have always wanted to have in my kitchen. Oh, meow~ This is the biggest claypot we have in the house, bought at half price and I'm loving it for the cartoon design. 
Sukiyaki in meow pot~!
That's like a whole treasure trove in the meow pot... the meow list:

  • Dried shiitake mushroom
  • Fresh enorki mushroom (drowned in the sweet sweet soup)
  • Chinese cabbage (trampled by the scallops)
  • Scallops
  • Fake crab meat sticks
  • Cheesy seafood tofu
  • Fresh king crab's meat
  • Carrots (thrown in at last minute, totally forgotten about it)
  • Three strips of pork belly 
  • Soft white bean curd (submerged by the crowded pot, became the cushion to the fresh king crab's meat)
All in all, there were 10 yummylicious items in one pot. Simple, right? Again, please remember that simple is never easy, you will know when you take a sip of the sweet soup with just the perfect amount of seasoning. I'm very particular with taste, more to meticulous and the taste must have the kick. I've tasted before food that has the aroma but the taste just got stuck somewhere and refused to come out and that is one frustrating experience in eating.

Thus, tonight is the first time I made just one dish and the meow claypot was in the limelight.
The sinful cheesy chocolate brownie...
Sidekicks came sashaying in small paper cups, that's mi mama's cream cheese chocolate brownies. Small size cakes are one dangerous snacks. Before you know it, you have eaten more than the usual size of a sliced cake. You keep on popping the small bite-size cake into your mouth mechanically, whether your stomach is full or not. Mi mama is good in making bite-size cakes and cookies that makes you think you are just having a small portion... very dangerous. 
Fellowship with the phones~!
The modern generation people, who pressed their smartphones like nobody's business. Yeehaw~! Excuse me for the messy dining table... well, the hubby always said that our kitchen is a functional kitchen, not one from the showroom with no action done. Burp~!!
Kiss~ kiss~ kiss~
Welcome to Yen's Kitchen... Would love to have you again... It's less stressful with short table dinner. A long table dinner would have me working solo in the kitchen for five hours and then too tired to eat but once in awhile, I would love to host another long table dinner... coming soon end of this month~! Wait for your invitation... 

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