Wednesday, 5 November 2014

What's Up Doc?

 Roses are red ... no, they aren't. Roses are orange... in real life, roses come in many colours. Mi mama made a few silicon trays of konnyaku orange jelly. The household's favourite~! But only the piranhas get to feast on them today as we are all fasting. Believe it or not... we, the ones who live to eat, are actually fasting and not taking any solids. We are highly motivated people, who can cook and feed others while we, do not even cheat for a taste of anything. I eat recipe books and read them to each minute detail so that I can cook better than those printed pages of delicious, mouth-watering food.
There were more than roses. All those cute little fruit shaped mould came in handy. And then, there's more... 
Bugs Bunny in the house on the plate~!! Oh, well... the piranhas finished 'em all... Good for them... Hmmmmm....

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