Friday, 21 November 2014

Lunch Separately...

It was Wednesday. Today is already Friday. I'm afraid this blogsite will soon grow moss and cobwebs if I don't find time to update it. I woke up at 6:30a.m. just to cook lunch on Wednesday. Two days before, I read my girls' exam schedule wrongly thus, I had to make cooking preparation in my head while sleeping. I need to prepare mentally so that I wouldn't waste any time when cooking. In the end, I felt like I've not been sleeping for the whole night. I'm cooking in my head for the whole night. When the alarm rang, I was all ready to face the kitchen. Fancy hearing my slaughtering the chicken early in the morning.
While marinating the meat, I prepared the dish which needn't any marinating. Chopping up was done in a quick manner. There's a house behind mine which was already cooking up a storm and the drop of the metal plate jolted me awake. My backlane neighbour dropped a metal plate everyday without fail. I made chicken with tamarind juice. Excuse the a little bit blur photo, I was rushing off already and did not make a final check of the photo.
This piece of photo is equally as blur. This is the easiest dish. Fish maw with prawns but since I did not buy any prawns, but I remembered I buying them, but it's not around so I used scallops instead. The taste was really good with the scallops added.
If you think this is fully steamed minced meat then you are wrong. This is a platter with a mixture of minced meat and crushed bean curd. The main taste for the soup base is not soy sauce but fish sauce. I topped it with fresh crab meat. Yeah, I love seafood. And we are blessed to have so much seafood around.
This is homemade fish paste and the stuffing should be spring onion. I ran out of spring onion so I used siew pak choy. Don't ask me what's that in English. It's good enough that I know the name of the leafy vegetables. Just season the fish paste lightly. I actually spilled soy sauce onto it so it became really salty. Wrap it with dried bean curd sheet and sent them swimming a wok of hot oil.
I was done with my cooking by 9a.m. but I spent one hour on arranging, photographing and packing. And time for thawing the frozen meat was really testing my patience. That whole table was for mi mama. She has lunch all by herself.
Hubby had a long meeting to end the year's teaching session. So, I became a good housewife and pack everything into the tiffin carrier. Drove like a road bully to send mi hubby lunch at his workplace. Then, I had to head to another end of the island to pick my girls up.
Our lunch were packed. Such a nomad. I wonder how I did that many years ago. Carrying lots and lots of containers. This is the end to a nomadic life soon. I'm truly blessed to have two kitchens to cook in. 

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