Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Curry Chicken Pie~!

It's easy to prepare... it's not easy to prepare. By the time I came back from my morning class, I marinated the chicken meat for an hour plus. While waiting for the chicken meat to absorb all the flavours, I diligently chopped the potatoes and carrots and also mushrooms into cube size. One long carrot seemed a torture. I went on to prepare the potato and carrot soup. Then, after the fillings have been cooked to perfection, which took roughly 40 minutes and we almost fainted from hunger, we need to wait for the filling to cool down. Thank God for air-cond in the kitchen. Then, I needed mi mama to assemble the pie or else it will never appear. My precious helped out as well while I disappeared upstairs. We only got to eat our lunch at 2p.m. Such a long wait but we were completely satisfied.
Hubby perfected the soup to make it creamier. That's all we have for lunch and dinner.

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