Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter: Bunny and Eggs...

You want bunny, I have bunnies... you want Easter eggs, got two trays of them done by mi mama and my precious. I don't really catch the meaning of Easter between the bunnies and the eggs. I used to think that those are bunny eggs. Then, I learnt that bunnies are mammals and they don't lay eggs. Those Easter eggs are chicken eggs. Something went wrong somewhere. Did the bunnies steal eggs from the chickens? Why must the eggs be painted??? Bunnies got bored once a year and started to steal eggs then paint them so that the hens would not recognize their own eggs?
Good Friday is all about how Jesus died for all of us on the cross. He died so that our sins could be washed away. He first loved us before we love him but many chose not to know him at all. Some went to the extend of hating Him. Easter Sunday is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

There's no bunnies or painted chicken eggs printed in the Bible. Neither is there the mention of Christmas Day and Christmas tree... 

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