Saturday, 25 April 2015

Western & Chinese --> Good Combination...

To make the perfect Mornay sauce requires patience. For example you are not allowed to dump in the flour just because you feel that the small amount of flour will not harm the butter. In fact, the act of dumping flour into hot butter will caused lumps surfacing all over. Those lumps were difficult to kill off. Then, drizzle the milk in instead of pouring them like cascading waterfalls. Mine didn't look perfect enough because at the end of the milk-drizzling process, I became impatient. I was already running short of time with so much paperwork to be done. I planned to  cook as fast as possible and resume to my paper-load.
That Mornay sauce was specially made for this vegetables dish. I thought I could learn eating vegetables but after two mouthfuls of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, I almost cried. I was thinking how I have wasted such beautiful sauce for vegetables. I should have made fillet-o-fish or chicken chop with Mornay sauce instead of brown sauce. It would have gone perfectly with any sort of meat dish instead of  a vege dish. I shall keep in mind to alter all vegetables dish into meat dishes.
I have this really good Chinese herbal chicken soup to compensate for my loss. Should have put in the whole chicken leg then I will have more to eat. I can eat at least 3 whole chicken legs and goes *burp* later on....

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