Saturday, 25 April 2015

No Monday Blues~!

Hubby and I now go grocery shopping on Sunday morning so that I wouldn't be rushing on a Monday afternoon. We bought this big aubergine because the purple skin looked so perfect. No blisters, no wrinkles and perfectly smooth. It was quite big though but anyway, there wasn't anything smaller than that. By the time we finished a quarter of a plate, I was quite uneasy with the texture. Don't really like it but having some should be okay...
To compensate for the uneasiness, I had pork belly. I'm good in braising them to perfection. I don't really remember the taste but I know it was awesome. Even the carrots absorbed all the flavours and now I know why my rabbits only eat carrots from China. It's relatively sweet unlike the first grade Australian carrots which were completely tasteless. My rabbits are choosy, too. They picked on their food. If they are humans and eat like us, they will bankrupt us in no time especially Chubby.... Chubby eats every 45 minutes. I wonder whether he knows how to read the clock.
I gave mi mama some projects in one day. We were suppose to have Philippines spring roll. I thought of using the spring roll sheet for deep frying but it was so frustrating to roll them without bursting and cracking. So, in the end, mi mama followed the recipe to make the egg-roll sheet. It became perfect from then on, without frustration.
How could anyone say no to those? The sweetness of the baby prawns and French beans, plus carrots were one perfect get-together rolled up~! I never suffer from Monday blues, instead I always look forward to Mondays. I have more energy to cook better dishes after resting on a Sunday.
After taking a nap in the afternoon, mi mama continued with her next project. We had the traditional ondeh-ondeh with gula melaka as the filling. It didn't really melt until the next day when we put them to steam. Not having enough of those traditional green ondeh-ondeh...
We had the blue pea ondeh-ondeh with pineapple paste~! What productive kitchen I have. You don't need to have the state-of-the-arts kitchen yet producing nothing.
We had overflowing of food. When I reached home in the evening, the neighbour was at the front porch playing badminton with her daughter. She hasn't even started sweating and I dragged them all over for dinner. While I was busy working they had the kitchen to themselves. By now they're familiar with the house so don't have to serve them. The neighbour's favourite is aubergine so she can have all the aubergine she wanted. Then, she brought food over with my favourite squid and hubby's favourite celery.
And the table overflowed with food again. Nice having such neighbours~!

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