Monday, 13 April 2015

Garfield's Favourite: Lasagna...

Mi mama bought San Remo's pasta for lasagna. I could easily use my Ampia tool to make the lasagna sheet but since it's already there, might as well use the whole box. I still have a few pieces left though. Don't need that much to cover the small tray. I'm no expert in making lasagna. Was looking at the illustration on the box to make it happen.
I think this shot is good enough with cheese leaking. I have soft spot for leaking cheese. The gooey image makes food looks more delicious and hard to say no to. It's really good but I wonder how did Garfield eat this everyday?
I have no idea what kinda soup goes well with lasagna. It should be something thick but last Thursday, I was not in favour of any thick soup. I settled for the Chinese soup for lazy cook. Just dumped in the spare ribs, followed by the sliced watermelon and white fungus. The taste was something which will make you change your mind about having fruits in the soup pot. Not everyone could accept looking at a slick of fruit circling the pot of soup with chicken or pork. It was a good combination though for this one.
The blob of ice-cream came next as the grand finale. I enjoy cooking and relaxing in my own kitchen.

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