Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Portugal in a Wok...

There's this restaurant by the name of Macau Street along Karpal Singh Drive. We went walked passed the restaurant and took a look at the menu. It was really disappointing. There's nothing that's worth to be mentioned as Macau's dishes. There were mainly Chinese dishes and a few Thai dishes but none of the Macau dished. Last week hubby prepared a few dished of Macau's authentic dishes. Just over the weekend, hubby continued with Macau's dishes. The taste was completely different from Thai or Chinese cooking even though it's somewhat spicy. Our kitchen deserved the name Macau Street better than the restaurant. The dish above was supposed to be baked perch with mussels in tomato sauce. But since there's no perch to be found, we used the red tilapia which was somewhat a wrong choice as the smell of fresh water was too strong. There's nothing nice about the green mussels flown in from New Zealand. I would prefer lala at any times.
That's Galinha a Cafreal, African chicken. I have no idea what's the African dish doing in Macau. I have yet to read the history. Will find some time to read the history of Macau. That's not too bad... not too bad... but here's the best...
The shrimp curry with quail's eggs was the best~! I like the thick gravy to the max~! My hubby is such a wonderful cook. While he was working hard in the kitchen, I was scratching my head upstairs with producing my prototype skirt.

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