Saturday, 25 April 2015

Lala Tuesday~!

It's a Tuesday. Maths and more Maths for the whole day. Mi mama bought clams from the fishmonger. I did the cooking. I'm professional enough to settle this dish without having to flip through recipe books. Steam the clams for a few minutes and remove. The gravy must be done separately or else it will be too diluted. This is sweet and sour clams Yen's style~! Bought too little. We prefer the smaller lala and I can eat the whole kilo of them.
We found lots of baby crabs in the clams. Naughty clams have been feasting on baby crabs. No wonder crabs so expensive coz they barely make it through their infancy stage. Terrible clams~!
Treasure pot of eight goodness... I made those meatballs myself using hubby's toy. Spare ribs, fresh mushrooms and lots more were in there. I thought I cooked a lot until I realize that there were only two dishes and one more in the refrigerator. Not enough... not enough...
That's yoghurt and pineapple shrimps as appetizer. We took what we should have and then kept them back into the refrigerator for the hubby~! Hehehheehe.... I have to remind myself not to cook so little next time.

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