Saturday, 18 April 2015

I Craved For This...

I have always love seafood... and squid especially. The hypothesis which says that the bigger the squid, the more rubbery it tastes like is an all-nonsense hypothesis. If one have eaten huge and rubbery squid, blame it on the person who's cooking~!! This is the least rubbery. Cooked the squid 'just nice' like how you use the term 'al dente' for your vegetables and pasta. When one believes that preparing pasta should be perfect then why not the squid? I can have a whole plateful of this but mi mama only bought two and I had one big one while the hubby got the smaller one.
This is Yen's version of shepherd's pie. No minced lamb neither is there any minced beef. Minced pork is used. I love porky pork. I should have known that it's so easy to prepare any part of the porky and transformed it into the best dish ever~! Blame it on the hubby who didn't teach me about parts of the porky... and blame it on the butcher-lady who scared me when I was just 20 years old and first time going to buy pork. The question,"Which part you want?" sent me back home empty-handed. Oh, I know which part of the porky I want now *smirking away*
I've succeeded in making the mashed potatoes smooth and tasty a few years back. Just increase it a notch higher with this one. *nom nom nom* How can you say no to this?
For a more balanced diet, mi mama made another dish of vege with Chinese sausage... hehehhehe....

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