Thursday, 2 April 2015

Stay Calm and have Meatballs...

While everyone has been putting up their receipts with service tax of 10% and being charged another 6% for GST, I haven't pay anything for GST yet. Looks like the service tax has been taxed for 6%. Some unscrupulous business people has increased their prices by 30%. Absurd~! And surprisingly, those who are making so much noise are those who frequently fly out of the country like they are taking a bus ride. It's the rice who always make the loudest noise. The poor has nothing to say. Since they already do not have much, and when more is taken from them, it makes no difference. When push comes to shove and they have no where to go, they will turn into the sort of people who has no fear for anything. One should not go overboard by simply charging and increasing the price as wished. Whatever the bickering is happening online, stay calm and have meatballs.. 
I made some meatballs to go together with the spaghetti. It's bolognese spaghetti with lots of tomatoes used. Nothing to say about GST. I don't think it will hurt my pocket that much as I don't do budgeting on my spending. I will always have more than enough.

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