Saturday, 18 April 2015

Love for Food...

It's a Wednesday. I thought there's nothing much to cook and to eat. It's black pepper chicken for the day. I don't eat black pepper so I don't know how the taste was like. Should be okay since there's no leftover. 
I think I spoil the brinjal dish. It's too oily but it's good with a mixture with yellow beans.
This was the best. An impromptu dish with minced meat and bean curd. Mi mama wanted to eat this so I cooked this. I don't need recipe books to help me already. *woots*
Hubby called to inform that he has gotten hold of the tilapia fillet. Instead of having not enough on the table, we had them in abundance. I made this sweet and sour with burnt basil leaves. I think I forgot to mix the basil leaves with the fish batter when deep frying them. I'm one happy person when there's enough food.

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