Friday, 24 April 2015

Flat Scones with Nutella...

The best part of having a productive kitchen is you can have anything you want and how you want them to turn out. In your own kitchen, you rule~! Mi mama made scones from scratch and I just added the hazelnut spread to make them more delicious~! The first time we had A scone was when we were in Cameron Highlands. At that time, I have no knowledge about baking and no idea how cakes came about. So, we had that ONE scone with some strawberry jam that cost us RM30 if not more. We only had one because the price was like eating gold. Now that I know how to bake and I saw the ingredients, I almost fainted. That RM30 can be used to make a barrel of scones with a few tongs of Nutella. The point is: Scones are INEXPENSIVE~! So, I wonder why are they selling scones like they are food for the wealthy????

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