Saturday, 25 April 2015

We Take Food Seriously...

Food is not to be taken lightly. You don't just find something to eat, pop anything into your mouth just to satisfy your hunger. Good food can be simple yet appetizing. Don't have to be a luxury and I don't eat those luxurious food like lobsters and crabs every other day. 

Yesterday, I blanched the bananas in high heat. The reason why bananas need to be blanched was the same as why they need to be caramelized in order to use it for cake decoration of sorts.
By blanching them bananas, they do not get the chance to be oxidized because they were completely cooked and extra sweet. Mi mama and I made that dish together. Mi mama arranged that dish.
On days when you're busy you can braised the pork belly or spare ribs with oyster sauce. On days that you have more time, try out something different. I braised the pork ribs with orange marmalade. The marinade was mostly of lemon juice. It's not sour and neither was it too sweet. The taste was somewhat expensive. You can't just get that kinda taste - a balanced taste between sweet, sour and salty.
Those lotus roots, carrots and celery were blanched differently then stir-fries. I did not try this dish because I no like vegetables and I don't eat lotus roots.
My deep-fried fish with tartar sauce... simply good~! I wonder what will be cooking for next week~!!

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