Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Yunnan in Yen's Kitchen...

Twice I was in China and twice we never plan to be in Yunnan. I felt so at home in Shenzhen that I would rather sit at home doing nothing. So, last Sunday, hubby decided to pick the famous cuisines from Yunnan. Yunnan is quite a cold place so the dishes they have are mostly hot, but not spicy. The taste of freshly ground pepper will never escape your taste buds. That's muscle meat with gravy that's yummy-licious. I can't tell in details how it's done. When hubby's in the kitchen, I stay out of the kitchen. Didn't read on Yunnan yet.
This chicken dish was steamed for an hour with chili powder and lots more. The taste was not one you can find in any restaurant. It's just totally different~!!
This was the best of all~! The soup was boiled for 3 hours. Perfect 10/10 I give my hubby~!! It's definitely cheaper than dining out~!
We had our ice-cream with smashed up kacang tumbuk~! We have had the best dinner together on Sundays~! Say NO TO WORKING ON SUNDAYS~!!

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