Friday, 24 April 2015

Green Curry, Sinigang and More Greens...

Sunday was supposed to be hubby's day in the kitchen. Last Sunday he couldn't cook because he has too much paperwork so I took back my kitchen and being very efficient, I made green curry from scratch instead of buying green curry paste. It's a blend of green chilies and green capsicum. But then, after being slow-boiled for half an hour, my green curry disappeared... where did the green curry disappear to?
The rich and thick texture plus the green curry taste was intact but what happened to the green colour? It's natural green, not even generic....
Then, there's this sinigang soup with radish, some vege and prawns. It's a Filipino sourish soup and it's a little bit hot as I put in green chilies as well. The taste was superb though, something I've never cooked before. The sourish and hot soup base erased the bitter taste of radish completely. Yes, to me, radish is on the bitter side.
Hubby wants more greens on the table so I gave him almost everything green on the table on that Sunday night. Efficient me was done within two hours.

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